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Koji Yamanishi

The Way of Meditation

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Koji Yamanishi ≪Success to HG series≫

It's been 10 years since Mr. Koji Yamanishi started making hats...
"Fusion of stylish and modern"
With the concept theme of "exquisite harmony that incorporates the sharpness of contemporary art and creates an elegant curvaceous appearance",
The first hunting cap made was the "Holy Grail" series.

The Holy Grail series, which is deeply thoughtful with the history of Mr. Koji Yamanishi...
A shining raw stone, a raw stone that guides us, a raw stone that walks with us in the future.
Now, 10 years later, I am once again looking at this rough stone with my eyes closed.
Overflowing imagination, a nib that runs as your heart feels...
Before you know it, the inherited ore that emits a new light gives birth.
We are no longer restricted to the hunting category alone. A new companion is there.

The parabola that draws from the brim of the middle brim to the back is a splendid form.
This rough stone has a cool face and a gentle atmosphere, even though it is worn firmly and deeply.
Strangely enough, it harmonizes with all styling.
I want you to see it once, I want you to touch it once,
At that time, you will surely notice the depth of this.

"Koji Yamanishi"
In 2005, we set up a shop in the port town of Kobe, and the designer himself started in Asia,
Experiences and inspirations gained while traveling the Americas, Europe, South America and around the world,
The hats are made with Japanese craftsmanship, based on carefully selected materials that you can touch with your hands. Through fashion from my hometown of Kobe, I have a strong desire to "brighten the lifestyles of as many people as possible." A work of sensibility that resonates with an insatiable spirit of inquiry.
The style that maximizes the characteristics of the main body material and proposes the joy of wearing it has attracted attention from the media and buyers, and is currently being deployed to major department stores.
A passionista who pours his passion every day with the hope that the original use of colors of the limited quantity production and the rarity that is close to one-of-a-kind will bring joy to those who wear it!

It is a limited quantity work with 15 works in all sizes.
Cherish your encounter with "瞑想の道" and feel free to try it at the store or at the fitting service!
* Many works are made with difficult-to-obtain fabrics, and if they are out of stock, they cannot be resold.

Body material TOP 84% wool
16% nylon
100% of side part saliva wool
Hat lining material: 100% acetate
Country of manufacture MADE IN JAPAN (made in Japan)

Approximate size of hat (with margin of ± 1 cm)
Hat size S = 55.5 cm (recommended for smaller size men)
Hat M size = 57.5 cm (recommended for men's standard size)
Hat L size = 59 cm (recommended for those with a large head)
Hat XL size = 61 cm (recommended for those with a fairly large head)

*Please note that the image of the hat and the actual color may differ slightly.

Main body material: The style that maximizes the characteristics of and proposes the joy of wearing

Brim length: 6.5cm

Country of manufacture: MADE IN JAPAN (made in Japan)

Lining material: 100% acetate

The Way of Meditation
The Way of Meditation
The Way of Meditation
The Way of Meditation
The Way of Meditation

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