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In 2003, he opened a shop in Kobe, Minatomachi.
The designer himself has traveled all over the world, starting in Asia, North America, Europe, and South America.

The hats produced by craftsmen in each country are made with a strong desire to "brighten the lifestyles of as many people as possible" through fashion and art from local Kobe.
A work of sensibility that resonates with the “insatiable spirit of inquiry” in the heart,
We bring out the characteristics of the material to the maximum and propose the joy of wearing it in limited quantities.

A passionista who pours his passion every day into the belief that his original use of colors, individuality and rarity that is close to one-of-a-kind will bring joy to those who wear them.

I am also active as a photographer, and I am aiming for heights by further leaping with that talent.



thoughts on the work

Traveling around the world, encountering people, encountering art, and embodying images that spring out from various elements such as experiences, works with a unique worldview have a unique personality.
There are many amazing techniques and traditional techniques in the world.
However, good technology is often buried without appearing in the world.

By incorporating the techniques and traditions I encountered while traveling around the world into my work, I have evolved it into a new technique and left it in a form, conveying the thoughts of everyone who was involved in the creation of the work. Then, the thoughts of the person who wears it are combined with that feeling, and it evolves further as a supreme work, and is finally completed with thoughts and memories.

This is the thought of "KOJI YAMANISHI".


Commitment to the work

The designer gives feedback on what he felt and experienced, and it is a finish that has been carefully selected.

First of all, the fabric that will be the material, the designer searches for fabrics around the world with his own feet.
We use not only mass-produced fabrics, but also original fabrics that are not found anywhere else, such as vintage fabrics that are buried in dead stock (discontinued products) buried in small fabric stores, and fabrics that we have requested our own dyeing and weaving.

We will change carefully selected fabrics into works in limited quantities. I don't want to wear the same thing as other people, and I want you to own it with a feeling close to one-of-a-kind, so I will make it in limited quantities. We manufacture the minimum number of products to protect the skills and culture of our craftsmen, but it is important to limit the number as much as possible.

The finished work has a title.
A work filled with various thoughts is completed by having a name.
It carries the spirit of words and gives the wearer the joy of wearing it.





art. Sensibility without boundaries has always imagined and created something new. The culture of fashion created by Koji Yamanishi, words that convey feelings, photographs that capture time, and paintings that speak to the subconscious.

All of them are Koji Yamanishi itself and are art.

写真家でもあるKOJI YAMANISHIが瞬間をとらえた一枚です。



A new culture born from the harmony of Kobe's culture with the rest of the world will spread to the world along with the thoughts of Koji Yamanishi. Although the shapes and objects are different, the culture created by Koji Yamanishi is not the era or generation, but the cultural heritage of each that remains in the heart.




The new world created by excerpts from the photo book supervised by Koji Yamanishi is sure to captivate the viewer. By passing through the filter of the camera the world that cannot be reproduced with just a hat, the many photographs that record time are combined with another work called a hat to make each other shine.




A number of miraculous works that cannot be found anywhere else, created by a unique sensibility. Koji Yamanishi expresses everything that he wants to convey with his thoughts through a tangible thing called a hat, and shares it further by wearing it. It continues to be left in the form of a hat so that memories and memories remain whenever people experience.



Koji Yamanishi | Designer

Not only fashion,
Active as an artist.

In 2015, he was invited to the Paris Collection for the first time, and made his debut as a photographer at the Maison de Lincheux collection.
He closely followed the stage and behind the scenes with a sense of realism, and presented depictions from his own perspective and sense. As a model, at fashion shows, talk shows, etc.
Appeared and the various ideas are wide-ranging.

Currently, he is focusing on his artistic activities, focusing on solo exhibitions of paintings and photographs, and activities to convey his own message for the future.

About the work

Many of the titles of the works are attached from the flow of nature, impressions, discoveries, and all things. We would appreciate it if you could encounter new words, the meaning of hidden words, and touch the hidden thoughts.

unconditional love project

~Give shape to your thoughts~

It's an era like this, so we're going to have a little bit of our love, but we'll deliver love. Unconditional love that you may forget in your busy life. Not only thank you for what you have done so far, but also for the future.