How to StylingSilhouettes that suit every face type


round type

A face that gives a gentle and cute impression and looks young

matching hat type

It goes well with hats and looks good with any type.

How to wear that suits you

"Make a vertical line"

Wearing a shallow hat and tilting the hat back will give you a good balance and make your round face less noticeable. Basically, by raising the brim a little and showing the face clearly, the strength of the hat and the line of the face will be added.

length type

Gives a mature and cool impression,
A face that makes you feel calm

matching hat type

A hat that can suppress the "vertical" and make the face look well-balanced

Silhouette that suits you

How to wear that suits you

"Don't make too much vertical"

Wearing a silhouette with a high top tends to emphasize the long face, so you can create a well-balanced atmosphere by being conscious of wearing it deep (firmly) in any silhouette. By shifting the center point of the cap or hunting cap slightly from the front, it will be easier to show off the playfulness and volume on the sides.

oval type

A face that gives a soft and three-dimensional impression

matching hat type

It's easy to match anything with almighty.

Silhouette that suits you

How to wear that suits you

"Do nothing" = keep the balance

If it's a hat, it's flat, if it's a cap, the brim isn't too high or too low, and if it's a hunting cap, it's best to wear it straight without adding an angle to the hat and face.

square type

The square type is generous and warm,
Those who can feel a warm atmosphere and strength

matching hat type

A large and voluminous hat is suitable.

Silhouette that suits you

How to wear that suits you

"Don't emphasize contours"

Please be aware that the line of the hat and face when wearing it is not too straight so as not to emphasize the outline. Hats and newsboys are slightly angled to the left and right (wearing them diagonally) to make them asymmetric, so that the outline is less likely to be emphasized. If the hunting has a curved silhouette, you can wear it as it is to create a refreshing feeling and create a good atmosphere.

inverted triangle type

A face that gives an intellectual, urban, and smart impression

matching hat type

You can create a softer atmosphere by adding a little curve, or emphasize a sharper and cooler atmosphere with a straight silhouette.

Silhouette that suits you

How to wear that suits you

"Make your jawline look nicer"

Basically, it is recommended to wear it firmly and wear the brim straight without attaching it at an extreme angle. It's hard to see by yourself, but the angle from the diagonal side looks very intelligent, so please try it!

Silhouette details of each series

HG 《Holy Grail》

Holy Grail


A modern evolution series based on traditional hunting. It features a refined straight line by suppressing the horizontal spread and slightly lengthening the brim. The aesthetics of the straight line from front to back and the natural curve when viewed from the side create a high-grade atmosphere with a tight and stylish look from any angle. A series line that can be worn in a wide range of styles from business to casual. In addition, even with the same silhouette, such as bi-tone works such as crosscuts, the atmosphere changes and gives off a sophisticated atmosphere.

S "Sympathy"


究極の曲線美を追及したこのシリーズは、頭の形にフィットする事で頭の形に添う美しいラインを見せてくれます。 頭部を優しく包み込む設計は他のハンチングにはない上質な被り心地と安心感を提供し、身に着けている事すら忘れてしまう様な感覚を感じるでしょう。 ツバに芯を入れない独自設計により、前頭部の圧迫感を感じさせません。 コンパクトに纏めることで、トラベルや外出時の利便性にも優れています。 体の一部に感じるフィット感は常に被る者に共鳴する事でしょう。

Pursuing the ultimate in curvaceousness, this series fits the shape of the head and shows a beautiful line that follows the shape of the head. The design that gently wraps around the head provides a high-quality comfort and security that other hunting caps do not have, and you will feel like you will forget you are even wearing it. A unique design that does not insert a core into the brim does not make you feel pressure on the forehead. In addition, it can be folded, making it compact and convenient for travel and going out. The fit that you feel on a part of your body will always resonate with the person who wears it.

Panama Hat

panama hat

他では見れない独自のカラーと柄の織り合わせが特徴です。 色の組み合わせを織り込む事により複雑な作業を要し、技術面でも卓越した職人技術により作られております。 時を経る事で紡がれる歴史と文明の伝統技術を表現した作品です。 近年、重労働ゆえに職人も減少しつつあるエクアドルの伝統工芸の技術を大事に守っていきたいKOJI YAMANISHI氏の想いも詰め込まれています。 そして完成した作品たちは海を渡り日本へ到着します。 被る人に至福の楽しみを、そして被る事で一つの文化を支え守っていく。 これがKOJI YAMANISHIのパナマハットです。

A traditional craft originating in Ecuador, South America <Panama Hat> This hat, which has the title of the King of Summer, is said to have been born near the Panama Canal and is said to have been made to protect the body from the hot sun directly below the equator. The panama hat, which is made by hand-knitting Tokiya grass and takes time to absorb moisture, does not get stuffy, and is characterized by its lightness that is unique to natural materials. You can enjoy using it for a long time, as you can enjoy its unique taste. It protects you from the heat and sunshine, and you can feel the graceful and gentle atmosphere like a king who protects the people.

HZ 《Horizon》


伝統的なハンチングで長く愛される形を日本人の頭に合わせて改良を加えたシリーズ。  トップを1枚の生地にダーツを入れる事で平たく且つ後頭部に向けて曲線を創るスタイルは英国の紳士がゴルフを嗜むイメージを連想させます。 サイドはあまり深さを作らないように浅めの仕上がりになっています。  国内では色々な名称で呼ばれますが、昔から「鳥撃」や「平天」と呼ばれる形はこのシルエットになります。

A series that has been improved to match the Japanese head with the shape that has been loved for a long time in traditional hunting. The style of making the top flat and curving towards the back of the head by inserting darts into one piece of fabric is reminiscent of the image of an English gentleman who enjoys golf. The side has a shallow finish so as not to create too much depth. In Japan, it is called by various names, but the shape that has been called "Torigeki" and "Heiten" from the old days has this silhouette.

NH "Neighborhood"


トップの生地を三枚のパーツにて縫製し、その見た目が野球の硬球の縫い目の様になることからツーシームと呼ばれるアメリカンスタイルなハンチング。  ツバは少し短めの仕上がりに全体的に丸みをおびたシルエットです。 後頭部に角をすこし作る事で独自のエッジを利かせ、カジュアルな印象をしっかりと出してくれます。  ツバを後ろに向けて被るなど、見せ方で多彩な表現ができるシリーズラインです。

An American-style hunting cap called two-seam because the top fabric is sewn in three parts and looks like the seams of a baseball hardball. The brim is slightly short and the overall silhouette is rounded. By creating a slight angle on the back of the head, it gives it a unique edge and gives it a casual impression. This is a series line that allows you to express yourself in a variety of ways, such as wearing it with the brim facing backwards.

RC 《Road to City》

time to play

最も世界で認知されているキャップの定番設計を基に独自のアレンジを加えたシリーズ。 王道なトップより6枚のピースで裁断をすることで、頭に馴染む曲線と程よい被りの深さを演出。 安心感のある被り心地が定評です。 誰しもが一度は被った事のあるキャップは、カジュアルからジャケット等の綺麗目スタイルまで、幅広く合わせがきく1つは持っておきたいアイテムシリーズに仕上がっています。

Based on the standard design of the most recognized cap in the world, this series adds a unique arrangement. It has a good reputation for the comfort of the curve that fits the head and the moderate depth of the covering by cutting it in 6 pieces from the classic top. The cap, which everyone has worn once, can be matched with a wide range of styles, from casual to beautiful styles such as jackets, making it a must-have item series.

J Journey

スタイリッシュなキャップを目指し設計されたシルエット。 CAP特有の子供っぽさと野暮ったさを削ぎ落とし頭に添う曲線はスマートでスポーティー且つスタイリッシュに仕上がっています。 あまり深さを付けない分、ボディとツバに角度を付けた縫製により、被り心地に浅さを感じさせない上質なフィット感と、キャップならではの軽快さを感じさせてくれます。 カジュアルシーンは勿論、レジャーやスポーツ等のアクティブなシーンでも多彩な活躍をしてくれるシリーズです。

A silhouette designed for a stylish cap. The curves that follow the head are sleek, sporty and stylish by removing the childishness and unfashionableness peculiar to caps. The body and brim are sewn at an angle so that the depth is not too deep, and the high-quality fit that does not make you feel shallow is a lightness unique to a cap. It is a series that can be used in a variety of situations, not only for casual occasions, but also for active scenes such as leisure and sports.

G "Glitter"


8枚のトップ生地を通常と違い❝く❞の字に裁断縫製する事で独自の立体感を演出します。 ハンチングから派生して生まれたイタリアの古典的なスタイルのキャスケットをベースに、近代ファッションにフィットするように改良されたシルエット。 程よいボリューム感とスッキリ感と言う矛盾した言葉を形で体現した傑作のシルエットです。 トップとツバの間に切り返しを入れる事で、トップの傘を好きな角度に寄せる事が可能です。 角度によって魅せる表情の変化は❝煌めく❞の名の通りの存在感を演出。

A silhouette that has been improved to fit modern fashion based on the classic Italian style newsboy that was derived from hunting. The 8 top fabrics are cut and sewn in an unusual “ku” shape to create a unique three-dimensional effect. It is a masterpiece silhouette that embodies the contradictory words of moderate volume and refreshing feeling. By inserting a cut between the top and the brim, it is possible to bring the top umbrella to any angle you like. The change in facial expression depending on the angle will charm you with its presence as the name of "glittering".



8ピースで構成されたトップ部分はインパクトのあるボリューム感と360度好きな角度にギャザーを持っていくことで多彩な表情を魅せる事が可能です。 英国で根強く支持を受けたクラッシックテイストのキャスケットからインスパイアを受け、よりスタイリッシュ且つ遊び心を加えたシルエット。 昔の新聞記者がカメラとストロボを持ち取材を行うオールディッシュなテイストはトラッドスタイルやアメリカンカジュアルなどで良い雰囲気を演出します。 クラッシックな雰囲気を現代に発信するシルエットです。

A more stylish and playful silhouette inspired by the classic taste newsboys that have been deeply supported in the UK. The top part, which consists of 8 pieces, has an impactful volume and gathers at any angle of 360 degrees to create a variety of expressions. The all-dish taste of old newspaper reporters with cameras and strobes creates a good atmosphere with traditional style and American casual. It is the silhouette which sends a classic atmosphere to the present age.