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Koji Yamanishi

Gravity's Rainbow

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A full-fledged series that receives outstanding evaluation among the series created by Mr. Koji Yamanishi. Holy Grail...
Produced based on the concept of incorporating the sharpness and style of contemporary art into the modern world.
Among all the series, it has the longest brim, and the hunting that can be worn deeply creates a distance from the face, and the perspective makes the face look neat.
If you have a large head circumference, you can feel the effect even more.

Manufactured by covering the brim with the front fabric,
The curvaceous beauty from the side to the tip of the brim that doesn't feel like a long brim adds a stylish and sporty touch to your outfit.
I would like you to look at the coordination from the hat by all means.
You should naturally create your imagination and choose how to wear it☆

The HG series, which has a form that can be expressed because it is a novel original four-piece cutting,
Recommended for those who are not accustomed to wearing hunting caps or those who are not accustomed to wearing hats.
The sharp and three-dimensional appearance of the silhouette makes it easy to incorporate into your styling.

It is a limited quantity work with 10 works in all sizes.
Cherish your encounter with "重力の虹" and feel free to try it at the store or at the fitting service!
* Many works are made with difficult-to-obtain fabrics, and if they are out of stock, they cannot be resold.

Body material 25% polyester
10% rayon
5% polyurethane
Side part wool 55%
30% acrylic
15% polyester
Collar part triacetate 56%
44% polyester
Hat lining material: 100% acetate
Country of manufacture MADE IN JAPAN (made in Japan)

Approximate size of hat (with margin of ± 1 cm)
Hat size S = 55.5 cm (recommended for smaller size men)
Hat M size = 57.5 cm (recommended for men's standard size)
Hat L size = 59 cm (recommended for those with a large head)
Hat XL size = 61 cm (recommended for those with a fairly large head)
As this hat has an adjuster (adjustable band) attached inside,
It is possible to shrink about 1.5 cm to 2 cm from the above size.

*Please note that the image of the hat and the actual color may differ slightly.

Body material: 25% polyester

Brim length: 6.5cm

Country of manufacture: MADE IN JAPAN (made in Japan)

Lining material: 100% acetate


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